Insane. Literally Insane.

More bullshit drama with some people in my neighborhood.

We had some suspicious activity (possibly an attempted break-in) at our house this past Friday. I am hoping someone down here in our area of the south end of ******* may have seen something and can help shed some light on this for us. Around 11am when I was walking our dog in the prairie behind our house I noticed that one of our 2nd floor bedroom screens had been removed and was leaning up against our house. I initially thought that some workers must have been here and removed the screen for some reason (because we still have a few outstanding siding and painting issues that need to be done). However, after contacting the siding people and the painters we discovered that neither were here working on our house and no work was currently scheduled for our house.

The screen itself was damaged as if it were forced out without a lot of care, which is consistent with a possible break-in.

My question to my neighbors. Did anyone see anything going on at our house Friday morning between approx. 8:45am and 11:00am? These people would have needed an extension ladder to reach the bedroom screen in question. Were there other workers in the neighborhood? I did notice the Xmas light people working on a house a few houses up from us and also some other workers working at either 422 or 416 ******* as I remember waving at them as I drove by that morning.

If anyone has any information that may be helpful for us from that morning, PLEASE let me know.

After having about 8 people cordially explain to this nut that we’ve all had wind blow out the screens and break the retaining tabs off in the winter, and that it was unlikely a thief would trouble himself to break into an upper level window by hauling around an extension ladder in broad daylight, she came back with this:

I appreciate all the replies. Thank you! I hope it was something simple, but the wind thing just isn’t adding up for me. I checked and the winds for Friday (and the day before) were average speeds of 0.7 mph with highs of 4.0 mph. So virtually nonexistent. The other piece I can’t get past if it were the wind is why the screen was neatly placed leaning up against the house right under the window it came from. If it were truly blown off it would not have ended up there. Regarding the extension ladder. They may have tried lower windows first and realized people are sometimes not as diligent about locking upper floor windows as they are out of reach. Also, with all the construction that has gone on in this neighborhood no one would question someone up on a ladder during the middle of a weekday. I certainly wouldn’t think twice about it. It’s the perfect “cover” really. Regarding the ladder prints in the snow suggestion…our backyard gets a lot of sunshine and there is virtually no snow remaining there.

Anyway, we will probably never know what really happened. Hopefully it was a fluke thing and that’s the end of it. Thanks again for all the ideas and feedback!

So let’s get this straight. If it were the wind, which is the reasonable explanation, the screen wouldn’t have been nicely set against the home. However, if it were a thief that was hoping to rob you blind of all your personal possessions, that used construction as a guise to haul a magical ladder that didn’t leave tracks or marks in the snow only so he could access a 2nd story window in lieu of a 1st story window, he’d be sure to be a nice guy and make sure he was gentle with your screen so you could be sure to find and reuse it in the future. Yeah, now that I think about it that does make perfect logical batshit crazy dicks for brain sense.