So I’m sitting at the counter of a cafe that I frequent regularly, known for some pretty damn good food.

As I’m sitting here enjoying my meal and coffee at the bar, this dipshit in a stocking cap (its really not cold outside) walks up with about 1/4 of a short-rib sandwich left on his plate. He places it in front of the server and makes a comment that his sandwich was undercooked. This is where you really need to step back and appreciate everyone in the service industry. Why? Because they deal with stupid fucking people on a daily basis.

She’s polite and asks if there is anything she can do? Can she get him a new sandwich? Nope, he just wanted to let her know it was undercooked and as he walks away he snickers that it needed about 3 more hours.

To the stocking cap wearing foodie snob dickhead, was it so undercooked you could only enjoy 3/4 of the sandwich?

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