Warranty Claim?

Ohhhh this is a good one that was sent in. It’s from a bike company that has awesome customer service, and as a result has to deal with a bunch of b.s. requests.

“I have corresponded with you before regarding my ********.

 I am writing from ******* where I have been enjoying my ************* since April last year, but sadly I am now writing to ask for advice about warranty.

 I ran into a car while riding two days ago. This was not a hard crash, as nothing happened to me or the car, but strangely the bicycle, with a supposedly sturdy steel frame, just came apart! The frame practically snapped at the top tube and half broke off at the bottom tube, near to the joint with the head tube. I understand that **********do not guarantee any bike involved in an accident, but I must say I am very dismayed at the sever damage, considering steel frames are supposed to be sturdier than this.

 If you could please have a look at the pictures and let me know if there is a solution to this, I would be very grateful.

Thanks and all the best”

You literally cannot make this shit up. So let’s get this straight. You don’t get hit by a car, but instead YOU hit the car. Your bike breaks and now it’s somebody else’s fault? Would you have been happier had your neck snapped in lieu of the top tube?

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