Water is a resource?

So I’m going to start this off here with a rant about a person that lives within a new neighborhood. They actually could be a very nice person, but the internet makes them look stupid.

They just built a new home with a new sod lawn. They also just received their first water bill.

Rather than paying the bill which everyone else does, they did what most idiots do. They went to the internet without assuming any responsibility of their own, to bitch about the expensive water bill on this bullshit social site nextdoor.com, which serves no purpose other than make you despise the people you live next too. Naturally it was the city’s fault for having water that was far too expensive.

It was rather politely pointed out to her on this site nextdoor.com, that it wasn’t the water that was expensive, but rather the consumption of water that was expensive. Quick math showed their irrigation system was using enough water to fill an above ground pool each day for the 21 day ‘grow-in’ period, which tallies up to a whole heck of a lot of water, and that when you look at that math and consider that some people don’t even have clean water to drink that maybe they should suck it up, be grateful, and just pay the water bill.

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